The WorkBox 2.0 Pre-Order Updates

The WorkBox 2.0 Pre-Order Updates

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First, we would like to thank our customers for your loyalty and support as we have tried to accommodate for the overwhelming response to our video of The WorkBox 2.0 we launched last October! Since then we started hosting pre-orders of The WorkBox 2.0 on our website! 

Pre-Order Status

Currently, our team is processing and fulfilling orders of The WorkBox 2.0 for pre-orders that were placed in February. We are doing everything we can as a team to stay organized, make sure orders are being completed, and notifying you about updates in product availability. If you have questions or concerns about your order specifically please call us at (801) 226-2686. 

*Once your WorkBox is ready to be shipped we will e-mail you information to take the next step along with a link to complete your payment online. If you pre-ordered a WorkBox please make sure you check your e-mails from us!

Thank you again for your continued support and patience, we can't wait for The WorkBox 2.0 to arrive to your home!

Read the reactions to The WorkBox 2.0 video below: 

"Sweet queen of crafts :) ” - Andrea M.

"I would love this organization and you can put it away at the end of the day.
Simply fantastic.” - Margaret L.

"Awesome video!!! I have an original, and appreciate the upgrades you have done!!” 
- Jackie B.

"Let's get this and rid of our office furniture.” - Amanda S.

"I've died and went to heaven" - Hannah S.

"We need it :) :) :)!" - Kaite Q. 

"I'll take 10 please!" - Susie G.

"I got The WorkBox 2.0 for my wife for valentine's day. We just received it two days ago and have it put together now. She is already enjoying it." - Tate O.


By Kat Espinoza 

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