3 reasons to add the side tables to your dreambox setup

3 reasons to add the side tables to your dreambox setup

Here are three reasons why so many creators love the Side Tables, and we know you will too. Already convinced that you need them? Shop here. 

1. Expand Your Space  

The side tables will help you take full advantage of your allotted craft area without encroaching on other spaces. We know that every inch is precious.
The wrap around tables create a cozy vibe and will make your place of escape even more inviting and productive.  

2. Create More Memories

We all want more memorable, quality time with loved ones, but it's easier said than done. The Side Tables will give you ample space to spread out, keep the kids busy, and help you make memories that will last.

3. Endless Possibilities

The modular style of the Side Tables means they can transform to fit your specific needs. When not in use, they can easily be stowed away (true to Create Room form), so you can maximize your space.

Want to try out crafting at standing height but still want the option to craft sitting? The Side Tables have got you covered! They work with the DreamBox at both standing and sitting height. 

Shop the Side Tables here. 

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