4 must-have accessories that will transform your dreambox

4 must-have accessories that will transform your dreambox

This week, some of our creators took the time to show off their new DreamBox accessories and we are totally obsessed! Take a look below to see how our creators put some of their favorite accessories to use:


DreamBox Rods & Jars


Dawn Nicole looks for accessories that allow her to keep her supplies close within sight while still adding to the visual appeal of her DreamBox. The DreamBox Rods and the DreamBox Jars are the perfect way for her to achieve function and style in her creative space!

“Two of the perhaps most underrated accessories I love are the DreamBox Rods and the DreamBox Jars. They allow me to display several things I use functionally. I keep small items like paper and blinder clips in the jars. The rods are perfect for my collection of washi tape and colorful twine. If I can't immediately see what I have on hand, I'm most likely to forget I have it, and the jars and rods solve that problem for me!"

Tool Cubby


Sarah Style is amazed at how perfectly her pens fit into the Tool Cubby. In fact, she loved it so much, she decided to buy four of them to give all her supplies the perfect home.

“This is my favorite accessory because it holds so much and it is functional. You can use the tool cubby vertically or horizontally and I actually use it in both ways. I love how it fits perfect in my Dreambox and displays my pens so nicely! Everything is visible. If I want to use a whole set of pens I can just grab the whole set out of there. It fits a lot more pens then it looks like it would hold!”

DreamBox Crown with Light


Stacey Gillespie’s favorite accessory, hands down, is the DreamBox Crown with Light. She especially likes how the crafting light gives her a warmer, more inviting workspace.

“I love that it is a natural daylight LED light and that it shines exactly where I want it on my table. It’s vital for nighttime crafting, which is why I bought it. But I’m particularly delighted about how it lights up the area during the day so I can see true colors when I watercolor and cut out fabric for my quilts. As an artist, I need correct lighting to see the colors in their true form. The crown also finishes the look of my Dream Box, which makes it an even more beautiful piece of furniture."

Cutting Mat


Heidi Kundin loves to keep her Cutting Mat out on the table 24/7. She is thrilled to finally have a mat that protects her table while helping her achieve a clean workspace.

"I love that the Cutting Mat fits perfectly on my DreamBox table, and it doesn’t shift, slide, or move around at all while I’m using it. Not only does it function perfectly as a self-healing cutting mat, it also helps to protect my table surface from paint, glue, or any other messy craft supplies that I may be using. It’s SO handy and useful!"


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