5 Ways to Use Acrylic Shelves

5 Ways to Use Acrylic Shelves

Our shop is full of great accessories that can help you save time and get organized. One of our favorites is our Acrylic Paper Shelving 6-Pack. Each shelf can hold up to 60-100 pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper. Think you could fill them? Read more below for details!

1. Fits into all of our furniture!
Did you know our acrylic shelves fit into not only The WorkBox, but they also fit into our other hobby and craft furniture pieces. Here's a few pictures of how we put them into our EZ View Desk and Studio Tower.


2. Install Shelves Flat or at an Angle
You can install your shelves at an angle or you can lie them flat to store smaller tools and get the most out of your shelf configuration. (pictures below use 2 sets of Acrylic Shelves).

3. Label your shelves!
Our team used a label maker to put stickers on the front of every shelf! This way we can see exactly what we need and find our craft supplies quickly and easily, and who doesn't want that?!

4. Paper/Journal Storage
Each of our Acrylic Paper Shelves hold up to 60-100 pages of Scrapbooking paper. You can also store your favorite notebooks, journals, or planners. 

5. Store Smaller Items
Our storage solutions don't just stop at scrapbooking paper, you can also use our Acrylic Shelves to store everything from small cookie cutters, cake decorating supplies, and jewelry tools. 

By Kat Espinoza 

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