Viral Video Launches Us Forward to New Frontiers

Viral Video Launches Us Forward to New Frontiers

If you haven't seen this video yet take a look:

Launched in October, our video has been viewed over 14.6 million times through Facebook, which took us by surprise!

As many new fans commented:

"Check out these awesome storage cabinets! I need for sewing/quilting, one for rubber stamping/card making, one for beading, and one for all my yarn and crochet and knitting!" - Helen R.

"The workbox is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and if I don't have it I won't be able to carry on living. But you've made your company in the wrong country. That is to say, it's not in England, and I can't get a workbox. Why would you break my heart like that?" -Natalie P.

"We got my basic Workbox assembled yesterday. Today I will put the shelf supports in, add the shelves, put the bins in and then I'll start filling them all up!" -Lynne C.

We want to thank all our old fans that have been with us for the last 10 years and happy to welcome all the new ones to our community of crafting excellence.

Our old customers have said:

"This new work box looks wonderful. I have a black older Original Scrapboxes and mine is packed full. It holds so much and keeps the clutter factor waaay down. I wish mine had the open shelf over the table, and I like the door on the right. Very cool!" -Lisa F.


Since October:

  • We have grown, expanding to new factories to help serve our old and new customers the best we can.
  • Expanded further in the UK
  • Opened in Australia
  • Have 2 new products under way for 2016

With all of these new opportunities, for a small company we can make mistakes, but don't worry we are fully committed to making each customer a priority.  We recognize the commitment you are entering into with such a high price and will work with you until you are fully satisfied.  Contact or call (801)226-2686 for us to help you with any concerns.

And Remember:  As we grow that not only helps us, but helps you get better service, better products, and a happier crafting experience!

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