Built to Last

Built to Last

Here at The Original ScrapBox we want our customers to know we are committed to bringing you long-lasting durable furniture pieces that will bring beauty and organization into your home or office spaces. 

Don't believe us?

"I was so close to buying one of these but I've seen quite a few bad reviews. Paying $1500 + is a lot! From what I've read they can be very difficult to put together and the materials are cheap. Lots of things being broken while being put together. I really want one but will be so bummed if I spend around $2000 (after add ons and shipping) and get a product that seems like it came from Walmart!" - ScrapBox FaceBook Friend 

Read the response!

"I am not the most talented person for this kind of thing and it did take my adult daughter and I the better part of a day to put it together. If you read the instructions carefully and go step by step it's well worth the time. I went through dozens of Walmart, Michaels, Joann and some on the web, different storage systems and trashed every one after a year or two because they don't hold as much as I need and they wear out fast, and break easy. I have had my original scrapbook for over 5 years and never had an issue. It's built to last forever of good materials, not the cheap stuff. I would pay it all over again, never regretted it once." - Penny M.

"My husband just put mine together. He is in the construction industry and he was very impressed with all the holes lining up and everything fitting into place without him having to make any adjustments. I did get the unit made of Alder, which has solid wood doors. I am trashing all the craft "furniture" that I bought from Michaels as this piece is very well built and will last a long time!" - Debbie P.


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