WorkBox Magic!

WorkBox Magic!

We want to feature our wonderful customers that have shared their pictures of their WorkBox with us through social media and email in order to spark your creativity and give you new ideas for your crafting space!  

If you have any pictures you want to share, send them to:

WorkBox craft room

This craft room features some older generation products, but is absolutely stunning!


 "I love the way it turned out. The gold polka dot is wrapping paper and I used small glue dots to stick on the top corners to hold it on. I used some scotch tape as well. The coral glitter paper is thick that it just stays in place with no help." -Larissa L.


 Alice, a 51 year old elementary librarian, built her own WorkBox and shared, "Here it is open. I have empty slots. I thought I had a bunch of stuff but this holds so much!!!!"


We LOVE how Karen Bacik customized her WorkBox 2.0!


"In LOVE with my new workbox!!!"  
Tina Hughes


Denise has a beautiful place to call her "Woman Cave". Thanks for sharing it with us!


 Try out some different door knobs like these golden elephants!  Easy to replace your old knobs with brand new ones to match your room!


 One of our customer's WorkBox 1.0 that looks amazing!  We have upgrade kits available on the site as well to turn your 1.0 into 2.0.


 The original WorkBox that inspired the WorkBox 2.0 upgraded door!  Thank you to our innovative customers!


 The turquoise labels make such a nice addition in the WorkBox!


 One of our customers got very creative creating pen slots on their velcro door by taking a velcro strip and elastic band and sewing them together creating loops!


 You can add sticky dots on the back of almost anything to store even more on your velcro door!


 How full have you been able to get your upgrade door?  We love to see what you will do with it!


Last but not least this fun customization!  We don't recommend doing this because of the structural integrity of the WorkBox is compromised, but it is your WorkBox if you love the idea that much! ;)

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