Celebrating Melody Lane’s Life of Crafting

Celebrating Melody Lane’s Life of Crafting

Last month, the crafting community suffered a great loss with the passing of Melody Lane. As an incredibly talented crafter and Cricut expert, she touched thousands of creators with her positive light and inspiring video messages. Here at Create Room, we’d like to honor and celebrate Melody for being such an outstanding leader of the crafting community.

We deeply admired her sense of humor, her quirky card designs, and most especially, her love and kindness for those around her. Melody was truly a friend to all who knew her, and to those who sought to learn more about crafting. She welcomed crafters with her bright, cheery attitude and helpful insights on crafting tutorials.

One of the things we loved most about Melody was how often she’d invite crafters into her daily life through her online videos and adventures. We enjoyed watching the first steps of her journey as she filled up her DreamBox with help from her online community and friends:


Throughout her life, she built a community that fostered long-lasting friendships between thousands of crafters online. As she once put it herself:

“Crafting often feels like therapy and I love cultivating such a close knit group. It truly feels like a family! When people gain friendships from meeting in my groups or videos it makes me feel like I’ve ‘won’.” –Melody Lane

Melody’s “wall of gratitude” is where she displayed the beautiful cards her followers and friends crafted for her.

She also ignited sparks of creativity in all of us through her online YouTube channel and her blog. Many of her live crafting tutorials and online classes provided the crafting community with valuable advice on how to use Cricut materials.

If you’d like to try Melody’s flower tutorial, you can watch her YouTube video here.

Melody’s library of videos and tutorials will continue to be available to crafters through her website here. It was her wish that her love of crafting live on with help from her sister, Holly, who will continue running Melody’s website in her place. We send our deepest condolences to Holly, as well as Melody’s son, Alex, and the rest of her family and friends.


Looking for more of Melody’s tutorials and videos?

Become a part of her online crafting community HERE.

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