Calling All Crafters!

Calling All Crafters!

No matter your stage of life, your skill level or your creative interest, The Original ScrapBox is here to help you stay organized and accomplish more! Meet four creative women and tour their unique workspaces: 

Lauren Q. 

When Lauren realized there wouldn't be enough space in her downtown apartment for a craft room, she didn't let that stop her. The WorkBox 3.0 sits in her living room and functions as the perfect hideaway workstation! Half of the box is dedicated to her own paper crafting supplies and the other half is full of fun crafting materials for her three young children. They love spending time playing and creating together.  


Lucinda loves to create things for her friends and family. Before the WorkBox, she found that she wasn't getting to spend as much time working on projects as she would have liked to. It took so much effort to gather the supplies and get everything set up that it didn't leave much time for crafting. The WorkBox 3.0 has been the perfect addition to her upstairs craft room. It makes it possible for all her supplies to be kept in one place. She has only had it for a couple of months and is still working on filling it up, but she is already calling it her "creative dream come true!" 

Kay M. 

Kay started teaching herself how to sew last year after her mother and sister, both experienced seamstresses, passed away. She was surprised by how quickly she caught on. She purchased The Ultimate SewingBox a few months ago and says, "it is not just for sewing!" Her new workspace has allowed her to complete a variety of projects that a year ago would have seemed impossible. "I can hardly wait to get home from work and play in my craft room! I’m like a kid again!" 


Lauren P. 

Lauren's WorkBox 3.0 is set up in her basement, surrounded by books, collectables and decor of her favorite fictional characters and stories. Her workstation is mostly used for working on unique jewelry pieces and anything with sculpey clay. She says the WorkBox 3.0 is the most amazing thing she's ever gotten for herself! 


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