Shipping Crate Projects

Shipping Crate Projects

"What should I do with my shipping crate?" 

We really can't tell you. But we can show you some of the fun things that other customers have done. Let creativity be your guide! 

(photo by Terri S.)

(Photo from customer Terri S.)

Make It Mobile

Mary B. shared these adorable photos to show us what became of her shipping crate!

"I gave the shipping crate to my nephew and he made a Zamboni out of it for his 4 year old nephew. I couldn’t believe the quality of the shipping crate."

Gift It To Your Furry Friends

We are so impressed by these doghouses, built by Jack and Kelley S.  

"The new home owners are happy! You will notice the thick, solid black rubber 4 foot by 6 foot pad I placed under Ellie’s doghouse.  I hope this rubber pad will prevent the plywood from rotting.  And I hope it will add some extra warmth to the doghouse while making for a good foot scrapper to keep the mud out."

Put It To Work

Jan Sadlon created a beautiful craft room for her and her daughters. She made sure to put the shipping crate to good use! 

Diane S. also created a storage shelf out of her crate. 

Dress It Up

Emily S. created this adorable snowman, along with other fun decor pieces, out of her crate. 

What have you done with your crate? Leave a comment below or send your photos to

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