create your happy place

create your happy place

Self-care is so critical—especially now. Use our 8 simple tips to freshen up your creative space for the season and make it a true happy place (with cheerful DreamBoxes to inspire you!).

1. Declutter

Your happy place should reduce stress and anxiety, not add to it. Use our guide to banish clutter and get organized once and for all. Watch this incredible before and after transformation from Mandy (Sparkle Berry Ink). 

2. Add some color 

Bright colors can have an uplifting effect on our mood. Which colors make you feel happy? Find ways to incorporate them into your space and enjoy a natural boost of joy each time you return. We love this bright and colorful setup by Agnes of Hello, Wonderful.

3. Experiment with pattern

A bright design can be a creative way to express personality and really make a statement. Try adding a rug, wallpaper, pillow, or other items into your space with bold patterns that speak to you. Thanks for sharing with us, Tina! 

4. Rearrange

Sometimes all it takes to freshen up a space is a little bit of change. Try moving items around or implement a new organization strategy. The new scenery will help spark fresh ideas and creativity.  

Dawn of By Dawn Nicole changes her setup frequently. She recently added these pretty baskets to give her DreamBox a fresh new look. 

5. Go green

Studies have shown that being around nature helps us feel more calm and relaxed. Indoor plants can have a similar effect, while also freshening the air by emitting oxygen.

Beth of Reality Daydream shows us that indoor plants will not only make you feel great, but will make your space look great too.

6. Bloom where you are planted

We’re loving the DIY flower trend that allows you to capture the fresh feelings of spring all year round. Try this tutorial from Sweet Red Poppy and PLEASE send us a photo when you’re done. We want to see. 

7. Make room for treasures

Designate areas where treasures can be displayed. These might be trinkets, antiques, art, photos, books or other items that inspire you and help you express your personality. Keeping things you love in view will make you feel more at home in the space. 

If you have a DreamBox, we recommend dedicating a few shelves in the center section. We love how Claire of Heart Handmade UK has styled her own. 

8. Let the light in

One of the best ways to brighten up a space is to add light. Consider removing blinds or drapes to let more sunlight stream in.

Don’t have a window nearby? The DreamBox Crown LED light mimics “natural” daylight—so you can always enjoy a feeling of sunshine while you craft, day or night. Thanks for sharing your setup with us, Terry! 

How have you created your Happy Place? Tell us in a comment below! 

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