new year, new craft room giveaway with cricut & create room

new year, new craft room giveaway with cricut & create room

We all seem to be approaching that point in the year when our craft supplies get tossed in corners and our most exciting projects have taken a rain check. That's why we’ve teamed up with Cricut to give you a chance to win a Create Room DreamBox and Cricut Maker 3 so you can achieve all your crafting and organizational goals in 2022! 


Enter to win by clicking the link below and following the instructions. But first, continue reading to see why Cricut and Create Room truly are a match made in heaven and more amazing prizes that are up for grabs. 


Click here to enter our New Year, New Craft Room Giveaway



The DreamBox storage unit is the perfect solution to organize all of your Cricut machines, tools and materials in an easily accessible way. No two crafters are the same, which is why the Create Room Tracks, included with your DreamBox, allow you to customize the setup to fit your unique creative process. 



With a full set of InView Totes™ (or DiviDrawers) included in your DreamBox, you’ll finally be able to store your crafting supplies easily within view. The unique, tri-fold design of our storage system includes swinging doors with designated hooks for all your Cricut tools, shelves for your vinyl rolls, and so much more.


Many of our creators are gushing over how perfectly their Cricut supplies fit inside their DreamBox setups! Jennifer Maker, a well-established crafter and designer, loves to tuck her cutting machines and EasyPresses safely under the table when not in use. The side doors of her DreamBox are also the perfect home for her large vinyl rolls and infusible ink collections. To learn more about Jennifer's DreamBox setup and Cricut supplies, check out her blog here!

"I think the DreamBox is the ultimate Cricut craft organizer! It's not only pretty, but it's super functional, holds a lot of stuff, and offers quick access to everything!" -Jennifer Maker



Kimberly Coffin, also known as Sweet Red Poppy, teaches courses on creative projects, Cricut tutorials, and how to grow a successful business. Her DreamBox setup includes just the right amount of room for her favorite Cricut machines, as well as rods to hang her washi tape and extra shelf space for her vinyl sets. Read more about Kimberly's DreamBox layout and Cricut tutorials on her latest blog post here.


"I've had my DreamBox for nearly four years in my last three homes and it's become the centerpiece of my crafting space and a vital part of my ability to stay organized while I craft with my Cricut machines." -Kimberly Coffin



Corrine Burghardt (Slay At Home Mother) is a mom with an unlimited supply of helpful cleaning hacks, DIY ideas, and organizational tips. As an avid crafter, she is thrilled to have a designated space in her DreamBox for storing her Cricut Mug Press™ machine, as well as all her other Cricut supplies, including her vinyl rolls and hand tools. You can learn all about her DreamBox setup on her blog post here!


"Being able to open and close it whenever I need to or want to, having all of my favorite crafting items within reach, and having all of my craft supplies completely organized is such a gift!" -Corrine Burghardt



To enter our giveaway for the chance to win your own craft room setup including the DreamBox, the Cricut Maker 3, and more, go ahead and submit to our contest below! At the end of the giveaway, we will also be selecting three runner-ups to give you an extra chance at winning great prizes for your craft room.


Get a head start on 2022 by entering our New Year, New Craft Room Giveaway

Grand Prize Winner:

1 Create Room DreamBox (White Shaker DreamBox - DIY Build, Half Set InView Totes or DiviDrawers), 1 Cricut Maker 3, and a mystery bundle of Cricut materials and tools



2nd Prize Winner:

1 Create Room DreamCart, 1 Cricut Explore 3, and a mystery bundle of Cricut materials and tools



3rd Prize Winner:

1 Create Room Cubby, 1 Cricut Joy, and a mystery bundle of Cricut materials and tools



4th Prize Winner:

1 Create Room Planner, 1 Cricut EasyPress, and a mystery bundle of Iron-On/Infusible Ink items



Ready to win? Follow the steps below to score points and you could be one of four winners!


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