Excitement Unboxed!

Excitement Unboxed!

We know that a ScrapBox is no small purchase...

But, we also know the large amount of joy it can bring! Seeing a big smile on our customer's face makes our hearts so happy. 

We've compiled some of our favorite ScrapBox Crate Selfies to share the joy with you. 


Have a picture of your ScrapBox crate selfie?

Email it to us at customerservice@theoriginalscrapbox.com and we can feature you too! 

Wondering just how big of a difference a ScrapBox would make for you?

Read here to see some unbelievable before and afters. 

Want to get organized but don't know where to start? 

Click here to learn about the ClutterBug Philosophy and learn what type of organizer you are! 

Feeling inspired?

Read more here on how to keep the creativity going. 

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