Evolution of The WorkBox

Evolution of The WorkBox

Fun Fact: Did you know that The WorkBox has been around since 2005? Here at The Original ScrapBox, your opinions matter! 

Take a look at the evolution of The WorkBox and see how other customers have been customizing their furniture!

- 2009 -

Our social media accounts are set-up for the first time!
We start receiving our first pictures of The WorkBox!

Both doors used to be velcro walls. We also only sold The WorkBox with beige totes that had fabric handles with large spaces for writing labels. 

Later that year, we began to offer the option of black totes.
Notice our center shelving extended all the way down to the table!

- 2010 -

By the end of 2009, we started the redesign for The WorkBox 1.0...

The center box now had space for machines! 

We also tried offering The WorkBox in different finishes, like this one pictured above in a cherry wood.

- 2011 -

More pictures of The WorkBox 1.0 being sent to us by customers arranging their workspace to fit their lifestyle!

Our vertical shelving coming in handy for larger items!

The right-swing door was designed by a customer to hold her paints!
Amazing uses for our doors were inspiring us to do something new!


- 2012 -

We love getting pictures from our customers!

Amazing velcro holder, sewn together by a customer to hold her tubes of beads!

Getting crafty with our totes labels!


- 2013 -

Customers continue to amaze us with The WorkBox 1.0!

How many pieces of paper do you think this customer stores in The WorkBox?

Magnetic strips hold this customer's metal die cuts, giving us an idea to offer a new accessory...


- 2014 -

Our newest accessories revealed!

The back of the doors on The WorkBox are not just empty space, it's another place to store your favorite metal dies!

One of our favorite submissions! This customer hung her own personal chandelier in the center of The WorkBox! Lighting is everything...How fancy!


- 2015 -

The WorkBox 2.0 makes its debut!
With all new added features like updated totes in new colors!
The left-swing door system is an all new standard feature!

Our first picture sent in by a customer with our white interior workbox and new gray totes! We even added 3 drawers in the center of The WorkBox 2.0!


2015, was also the year we designed the crown molding for The WorkBox 2.0 and included an LED light kit. We also had all new acrylic shelf accessories, and extra upgrade door kits for everyone to have!

New Knotty Alder finishes are added to our line, just in time for Christmas!


- 2016 -

By the end of 2015, our company was launched as a viral sensation on Facebook. We continue to listen to our customers, and try to incorporate as many features as we can into The WorkBox. Our products can now be found all over the world!

"I love my new craft room" - Sean B.

"I love my new work mate" - Cindy D. from the UK!

We hope you have enjoyed our evolution of The WorkBox! We have come a long way, and we hope to continue to offer you our most innovative furniture for all of your crafting needs!

Remember you can follow us on social media, and send us your photos to be featured on our page!


By Kat Espinoza



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