thoughts on expression with tabitha sewer

thoughts on expression with tabitha sewer

“I find joy in expressing myself in a way that makes me happy. Making others happy in the process is a bonus.” - Tabitha Sewer


Why do you create? 

Humans have an innate desire to create. Why is that? For many of us, it’s because creating helps us find ourselves and our unique voice. Expression is one of the seven creative intentions that we talk about here at Create Room—the reasons we are driven to create. 

As we have focused on creating room for expression this month, we had the chance to talk to Tabitha Sewer about why it is such an important factor in her creative work.

1. Why is self expression important to you as a creator? 

Expression is soooo important to me because it shows the beauty in diversity. There are so many people in this world. Everyone is so different in their own way. Seeing how different each person shares their thoughts and creativity allows us to learn from one another and accept that it's pretty damn cool to be yourself. 

It's ok to be different and unique in this world.

I love being able to express myself and share what I like without limits. I feel free and most happy when I'm able to express my joy in the things that I love.

 2. What kinds of things do you create? 

I absolutely love all things fashion! I sew ALL the things. If the fabric is colorful, playful, and possibly has sequins on it, I’m sewing it up! I also make and sell buttons! If you sew, you know the options in the craft store are very limited and for a person like me that loves a bit of sparkle and fun in her life, there are zero options. So, I decided to make some for myself and share it with the sewing community.

3. How do you EXPRESS yourself through your creations?

The clothing that I make is quite bold. It’s not typically something you'd wear day-to-day, but I feel like I have the need to sew it. Whether I wear it daily or not, it has to be made because that's how I express or share my love for fashion. 

It’s such a stress reliever for me as well; being able to sew out all of my frustrations. You better believe I make some pretty cool things when I’m stressed. LOL!

4. What is your DreamBox Style?

I would like to call it a grown up version of a dollhouse. 

 It's monochromatic with different shades of pink and a splash of holographic sparkle to kick it up a notch.

5. How has your DreamBox helped you?

The DreamBox is such a dream to have. It helps in achieving my creative intention by eliminating the stress of a cluttered craft room. It houses all of my supplies in organized storage drawers. I know exactly where everything is. I no longer have to waste time stressing over where my supplies are or even if I even own something. I know exactly where to look.

6. What is your favorite DreamBox accessory?

The crown and light is my favorite accessory because it elevates the look of my DreamBox. I feel like it completed it.

7. What advice do you have for other Creator's trying to find their own form of EXPRESSION?

Find what brings you joy and create that, but do it in your own unique way. 

We're so grateful we were able to talk more with Tabitha about expression and her creative intentions. If you would like to see more of her things, check out her website or find her on instagram @tabithasewer.

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