three reasons crafters love the dreamcart

three reasons crafters love the dreamcart

Since its release in August 2019, this pop-up mobile workstation has had crafters swooning. And while there are many reasons to love the DreamCart, here are three that we hear over and over again. 

1. Quick and easy setup  

From a last minute project to a crafternoon with friends, the DreamCart is there when you need it and easy to store away when you don't, helping to maximize craft time. Special features include:

  • Four sturdy and lockable caster wheels for easy movement
  • Collapsable table leaves for easy setup and cleanup 
  • Smart, compact design for storage in any space 

What crafters are saying— 

"My home office doubles as my workout space. The DreamCart is so easy to adjust and move around that I shift back and forth between these two setups pretty much daily!" -Dawn @bydawnnicole

"The DreamCart is perfect for our homeschool room with ample storage and table space. Love that we can fold it up and move it to the side whenever we want to have a dance party." -Beth S @realitydaydream

2. Customizable organization  

The DreamCart comes with thirteen InView™ Totes, right sized for various supplies and seven adjustable shelves. 

What crafters are saying— 

"I love using my DreamCart during the day for arts and crafts with my boys, and for homeschooling. We can store all of their free play items (like play-doh!) in the In-View totes on the included shelves below." - Corinne @slayathomemotherNicole arranged the shelving in her DreamCart to store two Paper Organizers. Perfect fit! "Love my DreamBox and DreamCart so much!!" - Nicole

3. Pairs with the DreamBox 

The DreamCart was designed to pair with the DreamBox for extra storage and table space. Lock them together for one continuous work surface.

What crafters are saying—

"When I'm doing lettering work, I love the substantial surface area that the combo of my DreamBox table and DreamCart tables give me. With both DreamCart leaves up and next to my DreamBox table, I have a huge L-Shaped working space to spread out on." - Dawn @bydawnnicole 
"I love having the DreamBox and the DreamCart together. It adds to my space so I can have all my machines out at the same time." - Alex @mysewbliss
What's better than one DreamCart? Two! "I couldn't be happier with my set up! So much space!" - Jennifer L.

What do YOU love about the DreamCart? Tell us in the comments below. Shop here.

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