Furniture that changes with you

Furniture that changes with you

Redesign Your Space 

Whether for function or fashion, changing up the style and setup of your Box is easier than you might think and can make a huge impact.  

Over the last four years, Mandy's WorkBox 2.0 has been upgraded, rearranged and even moved to a new home. See the transformations of her space below.


Mandy got her WorkBox 2.0 for Christmas in 2015. She decorated the fabric totes to match the style of her room. 


Mandy later upgraded to the clear totes and redecorated. In reference to this change, she said,  

"I am so glad I made the switch. I am loving the look of the new clear totes and how sturdy they are. It was not difficult at all. Took a little bit of time to take everything out and move them in to the new bins, but it was the perfect time to reorganize and even change out the design of the paper pieces in the front of the clear totes. I would definitely recommend making the switch to anyone who is still using the fabric totes. You’ll love them, just as I do."


Mandy recently moved into a new house, which she decorated with a farmhouse style. Watch the video below to learn more about how she moved the WorkBox and redecorated it again to match the style of her home. 

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