get to know the dividrawers

get to know the dividrawers

We launched a new product that has been changing the crafting scene once again-- the DiviDrawers! The DiviDrawers were inspired and designed specifically to meet the needs of every creator. You shared with us ideas that would help your organization and craft space function even better, and we listened!



Here are four reasons you'll love the DiviDrawers: 

1. Three Looks in One

At Create Room, we know that getting your creative space organized and keeping it organized is not a one-and-done situation. Our style, interests, and needs change over time. This means that the look and function of our creative space might change too. That’s why, when we designed the DiviDrawers, we created them to be able to achieve three different looks in one.


One side of the DiviDrawers is InView™ for those who like to see their supplies! Simply adding a thin insert behind this clear side creates a slot where you can quickly and easily insert craft paper and tote covers. This way you can add color, pattern, and any kind of design to your totes! 

The DiviDrawers are reversible with the opposite side of the DiviDrawer is opaque.

All options have a perfect spot for a label. 


2. There's More Organization Than Ever 

Your craft supplies are as unique as your creations! We know no craft room is the same as another. We wanted to design a product that was for everyone, but would still allow for customization to best meet your needs. 

The adjustable divider system in the DiviDrawers allows you to organize your supplies within each tote. Whatever size your supplies are, you can create sections within totes to hold smaller items, or store a variety of supplies in one place and waste no space!


3. They're Highly Functional

Function is a non-negotiable must for us at Create Room! Inspiration for the DreamBox and our other pieces of furniture was based on needing a solution for a more functional creative space. We keep function a top priority in any product we produce.

That’s why, before plans were finished for the DiviDrawers, we thought of ways we could make them even more functional. DiviDrawer corners are at a perfect 90-degree angle. This means the width at the top of the tote is the same at the bottom. This allows for even more storage space! Your paper/cards/CDs/etc. will all fit properly. DiviDrawers are also stackable with or without lids!


4. Designed To Adore

We all adore the DreamBox, and we definitely did not want to take away from that with our new product. The DiviDrawers are designed to be adored. They are made with shatterproof plastic and a soft-touch finish. They are intended to be the perfect companions to your DreamBox, DreamCart, or Create Room Cubby



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