Spooktacular Submissions!

Spooktacular Submissions!

Scary bats circle the room.
Skeletons, spiders, and a witch's broom...
Ghosts and goblins in a scary dream!
Happy Halloween from The Original ScrapBox Team!


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Barbara G. from Ohio!

No Place for My Cup
With fear and trembling I opened the door,
Hoping I could make it across the floor.
With my cup in my hand
And a craft project planned,
I looked for a safe, cleared spot
To set down my cup - it was hot!
Card stock was scattered here and there
With scraps on the floor without a care.
I was crafting like craze most of the night,
Now that I am awake I can see the frightful sight.
Finished cards here and unfinished there,
Because when I went to bed I didn’t care.
Pens and stamp pads, brushes and glue
Oh! What is that now under my shoe?
My cup is growing cold as I lift up my foot
And I shake my head as I take a look.
Double stick tape dropped on the floor
And I am only just inside the door.
No crafting today as I must clean it all up.
And no place to set my now ice cold cup.
My cup hopes the ScrapMaBob and Caddy to win
Because cleaning not crafting would be such a sin!

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By Kat Espinoza 

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