three steps to diy tote decor

three steps to diy tote decor

The DreamBox is a stunning piece of furniture that is not only practical, but is also a reflection of the user’s personality—from the products placed inside to even the way the DreamBox looks. 

While many creators prefer to keep their InView totes clear and visible (we don't blame you), others like to decorate them to match their crafting space or add a little flair. If you'd like to give it a try, read on. The best part? They are easily removable if you change your mind.

Image from @hearthandmade 

NOTE: If you are setting up your DreamBox for the first time, we recommend leaving your InView totes clear until you orient yourself with the layout of your DreamBox. If and when you decide to add decorative tote covers you can also make labels using vinyl or other materials to go on the outside. 

Step 1: Decide on the colors and style  

The design of your DreamBox should help you feel inspired and creative. Take some time to think about what that means for you, as it is a little different for everyone. We added some tips below to help you get started. 

Image from @sparkleberryink

Get inspired. Head to our page on Pinterest or join the Create Room Family Facebook group to see what other creators have done. Walking around the craft store or looking at paper patterns online is another fun way to get inspired. 

Do some research. Did you know that colors can impact your mood? How do you want your space to make you feel? This article and others can provide helpful insights. 

Visualize the space. Get paint swatches and plan out a color scheme and/or use these PDF DreamBox layouts to map it all out.  

DreamBox layout by @whistleandivy

Step 2: Cut out your covers with a cutting machine or by hand  

You can use a variety of materials as your tote covers, but we recommend 60 - 130lb cardstock because it is more durable. If you are using a thinner, more decorative piece of paper, you can glue it to a piece of cardstock to keep it more stable. Download the SVG files below. 

Image from @sparkleberryink

Click on the image of each InView tote size below to download the SVG file. They can be uploaded into your Cricut or Silhouette design software and should not need to be resized. If you don’t have access to a cutting machine, the SVG’s can also be printed out and used as a template to cut your material by hand.

Note: The large tote cover will fit on a 12”x12” mat diagonally. (Be wary of this when you are using a patterned print)

Step 3: Add covers to your InView totes

When you are ready to add your tote covers, we recommend placing them on the inside edge of your tote, so they won’t fall onto the floor if they come unstuck. 

There are several options to adhere the covers that are not permanent including glue dots, double sided tape, or restickable glue. 

Image from @frisconeat

If you are worried about tearing your paper if you want to take your covers out, and want to go the extra mile, you can laminate your covers for easy removal, plus they will last longer.

Image from @teachovertherainbow

Don’t forget that you can always change your mind. Switch those tote covers out every couple of months to keep things exciting!

We would love to see your tote covers! Make sure to tag @createroomco on Facebook and Instagram. 

Cover image from @slayathomemother

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