Karley's new craft space

Karley's new craft space

From unfinished basement to crafty sanctuary  

"Before my DreamBox, my supplies were everywhere... it made crafting a challenge. Now, everything is in one place; I know what I have, and it makes crafting so much easier."

Karley shared some of the biggest benefits of her new setup. 

  • One dedicated place. "I had some things in my guest room, some in my master bedroom closet... I never had one place where all my supplies could be accessed. Now everyone is in one place."  
  • Inspiration to do more. "Walking into this space... I just get so emotional that it's mine. It's not just a place to create beautiful craft projects, but also to create tutorials to teach others. I'm going to be able to touch the people that I had originally set out to touch." 
  • Adequate table space. "Having three tables to craft on has been so helpful for crafting fast and efficiently. It has made my life so much easier." 

The setup

Karley's setup includes the DreamBox with Side Tables and the DreamCart. The DreamCart serves as her dedicated sewing space and gives her room to invite friends to join in. The DreamBox holds all her Cricut crafting materials and everything else!   

Why do you create? 

Karley found a love of creating years ago and spent over four years working for two large craft companies. She realized her real passion was teaching others and sharing the joy of crafting. 

"After truly understanding how many people are as obsessed with crafting as I am, I realized that I wanted to get out from behind my desk and into my craft studio to teach you all the things I have learned over the past 4 years!"

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