Meet The Maker: Angela Anderson

Meet The Maker: Angela Anderson

Meet Angela 

Fond childhood memories of crafting with her mom and grandma have inspired Angela to create similar experiences with her children, friends and neighbors. Her favorite thing about crafting is how it brings people together! 
She says the WorkBox has helped her keep all the pieces, both large and small, in one accessible location. The clear totes make it easy to quickly find what she needs. Read on to learn more about Angela and her creative process! 


Do you remember the first craft you ever made?


The first craft I ever made that I remember was a cross-stitch of the LDS Mount Timpanogos Temple. I was 9. I loved how you could make a picture of something I loved out of so many little x’s. It was so simple. And exciting. We stitched an outline of the temple so it was a good beginner project but I was so proud of it! 


    Where do you find inspiration?



    I find inspiration from my family and interests. I often want to cross-stitch our family members or make a stamp of the fandoms I enjoy the most. I make crafts for my home to give it the decor I envision. 

      What are some of your other hobbies or interests?


      I love to cross-stitch people, make or carve stamps, paint and make wood projects. I love Harry Potter and have made many crafts that are inspired by that fandom. I love to make home decor. I am sure my other interests factor in as well. I love to sing, dance, gymnastics, and a good book or movie. 

      How have you made your creative space all your own?

      I am a project-driven crafter. I have filled my Workbox with projects and supplies that are important to me.  Some projects finished, most unfinished. I am proud of my projects and they inspire more. 

        It is in my master bedroom because I want to spend time with my husband even if we’re not doing the same thing.

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