Meet The Maker: Mandy Leahy of Crafty Glam

Meet The Maker: Mandy Leahy of Crafty Glam

Meet Mandy

Our goal at The Original ScrapBox is to help you create an inspiring workspace of your very own. Mandy takes organization to the next level with unique styling that allows her WorkBox to double as a beautiful decorative piece. 

Read on to learn about Mandy, Crafty Glam and how to upgrade a WorkBox 2.0! 

Q: Have you always considered yourself a creative person?

A: Yes! I remember doing crafts as a young child with my mom and later on began scrapbooking around the age of 10. I’ve been doing different types of paper crafting ever since and more recently ventured in to home décor and signs using chalk, which I absolutely love. 

Q: What is your favorite project you've ever worked on?

A: I have several favorites, but am loving this Shadow Box I chalked on. I love how I can chalk on the inside chalkboard section of the shadow box and also on the glass, to create a unique home décor piece. So many possibilities and ideas for future projects came to mind after creating this one (watch a tutorial here).

Q: What's the best part about working from home?

A: My absolute favorite part is, of course, being able to be home with my kids. As a busy mom of 4 (ages 2, 5, 7 & 13) I love that I can enjoy all of their activities, sports and all the fun stages of their life, all while working my own business, meeting goals, helping team members and customers from all over the US. Plus earning all expense paid trips and more!

Q: You upgraded your WorkBox 2.0 with the new clear totes. Tell us about your experience with making the switch? Was it difficult? Are you happy with the clear totes?

A: I am so glad I made the switch. I am loving the look of the new clear totes and how sturdy they are. It was not difficult at all. Took a little bit of time to take everything out and move them in to the new bins, but it was the perfect time to reorganize and even change out the design of the paper pieces in the front of the clear totes. I would definitely recommend making the switch to anyone who is still using the fabric totes. You’ll love them, just as I do.

New Clear Totes Have Arrived!

New clear totes arrived! 

Q: How did you organize all of your craft supplies before the WorkBox?

A: I went through 2 different rooms before discovering the WorkBox. First, I had a wall of cubes (pictured below), a large wood table in the room and random furniture to hold all my craft supplies. It made the room look overcrowded.

Then, when we moved to a new home, I decided to change up all the furniture and let the kids use those cubes for their play room storage. I went with all black furniture from Ikea for room #2 (pictured below), which was a mistake for a small room. I never loved the look and felt so closed in with too much dark furniture. Under those curtains that I added to the desk that runs along the wall, was large tubs full of craft supplies. It wasn’t easy to get out what I needed at all. 

Let’s just say the WorkBox has been the best decision ever. Not only can I easily find everything I need, but it’s big enough to store a room full of supplies, also freeing up a lot of space in the room to get rid of the overcrowded look. 

Q: Tell us about when you received your WorkBox. We heard it was a Christmas gift from your husband!

A: I received it as a gift from my husband back in 2015. I had been dropping hints and showing him videos I had seen on Facebook. I hinted enough that he went ahead and ordered it for me. I was over the moon excited when those pallets had arrived. He even stayed up until about 2AM assembling it for me when it had come! Such a good hubby and so supportive of my love of crafting and working from home.

Q: You have really made your WorkBox your own! What words of advice do you have for new WorkBox owners? Any organization or decorating tips?

A: Thanks! I really enjoyed making it a decorative piece for my CraftyGlam room, from adding pattern paper to the front of the clear bins, to flower designs, and even frames and décor above the WorkBox! Then, the large aqua fabric totes, under the table, and a rug to tie it all together. 


Advice: You’ll want to be able to easily reach your most used items from your chair, so organize your totes with things you’ll use most, close by. Then once those shelves are set, organize the rest. Also don’t put your shelves in until you know what you’ll be putting in the totes. Some totes may be more full than others or you’ll have taller items in there and you’ll want to do the spacing accordingly. It will save you some time if you plan it out, rather than having to move a bunch of shelves to accommodate the space you need.

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