Meet The Maker: Sara Leigh of Stitch of Whimsy

Meet The Maker: Sara Leigh of Stitch of Whimsy

Meet Sara

Sara is a true artist with a wide array of interests. Whether she is painting, sculpting, or sewing, her unique and 'whimsical' style is easily recognizable. We were so excited to meet up with her and tour her amazing studio!   

Q: Tell us more about Stitch of Whimsy! When did it all start and why? 

A: Stitch of Whimsy started almost 10 years ago after I became a bit bored by my first business endeavor ‘Sara Leigh Handbags’. I loved making custom bags for people, but after a couple years I really wanted to branch out into the realm of less ordinary products like art dolls and plush creatures. I needed a change. My original handbag business cards read ‘unique, handmade goods made with a stitch of whimsy’ and that’s where I first got my name. I am now a full time artist specializing in big-eyed, creepy-cute faux taxidermy pieces that I call ‘Whimsies’ as well as hand painted art dolls, sculptures and paintings inspired by whimsical enchanted forests and fairytale themes and I absolutely love what I do.

Q: Tell us about the behind the scenes. What does a typical day look like for you? 

A: My days are typically filled with various Whimsy prepping activities like cutting patterns, sewing, stuffing creatures, sketching designs, sculpting, and periodically checking in on social media accounts and emails. Once I get started on a project it’s hard for me to stop, so I frequently work through the night when most people are sleeping. I’ve always been a bit nocturnal and I blame my mother for that because she is the same exact way. I listen to lots of podcasts and audiobooks while I work and also marathon out to tv series like it’s my job! 


Q: What are some of your other hobbies or interests? What do you do in your down time?  

A: Besides creating art, which is not only my job but also my very favorite thing to do, I love going on outdoor adventures with my two dogs. I’m definitely and ‘animal person’ as well as a lover of nature. Working at home can get a little lonely and taking an hour or two out of my day to take my dogs walking makes such a difference in my focus levels and happiness.    

Q: How long have you had the WorkBox? What was the initial appeal for you? 

A: I’ve had my Workbox for just over a year and it’s been amazing. The second I saw it online I was in love and knew that I must have one! I printed a photo of the Workbox model I wanted, wrote down how many Whimsies I would have to sell in order to purchase one and hung it on my fridge with the title ‘Operation Workbox Manifesto’. After every craft show or shop update I had for the next 8 months I would put a few Whimsy sales towards my goal and add a tally mark to my manifesto. Then, to my surprise, my step grandmother surprised me and bought me a WorkBox 3.0 for Christmas!  She was a lifelong quilter and crafter who was very familiar with the struggles of storing tiny arts and crafts supplies and completely understood my love for the Workbox. She was in her 90’s and passed away only months later but I will think of her whenever I work at the desk of my Workbox.

Q: What was your workspace like before the WorkBox?  

A: Before the WorkBox I was constantly hunting for new ways to organize my supplies. The hunt was endless! My workspace was filled with all sorts of Tupperware bins, tackle boxes and mismatched shelves spread throughout my room. I still have some of them but the whole look of my workspace has gotten a lot cleaner and I pretty much know where every supply can be found at all times. What a difference! 

Sara created this video to document the assembly of her WorkBox! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about the WorkBox? 

A: I love that I can sit at the desk of my WorkBox and have all of my supplies within reach, no matter what type of project I’m working on. When I’m making things I used to make a pretty big mess of my supplies and then hate when I had to clean it all up! The WorkBox's many removable storage bins have almost completely solved this problem for me. Much less mess to deal with and everything has a home. It really is amazing! I also love how it folds up. I honestly almost never close mine, but it’s the perfect feature for when I have company or something and need to turn my workspace into an extra bedroom. In the past there never would have been enough space for that. 

Q: Did you ever picture yourself doing what you are doing now? What would you say is the best part about what you do? 

A: Since childhood I have always known that I wanted to create art for a living more than anything, but I can’t say I ever pictured quitting my day job to create cute faux taxidermy. It’s really pretty funny and goes to show you that anything is possible. Don’t ever give up!

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