Take Organization To The Next Level

Take Organization To The Next Level

Now that you've got your perfect furniture piece from The Original ScrapBox... what's next? 

It's time to get organized!

Our furniture offers a variety of storage options and ample space, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. 

The best way to utilize your furniture is to customize it to fit your needs. Make it work for you! Whether you're a scrapbooker, a baker or even a candlestick maker, we've compiled some tips that will help you get ultra organized!

1. Use the Plastic Notions Tray Inserts to organize and store smaller items   

The tray inserts now come in two size variations, allowing for additional customization. 

These tray inserts fit perfectly inside of our 12.25" x 12.25" Totes, allowing for easy storage and access. 


Select furniture purchases include notions tray inserts. See specific product features for details. You can also purchase additional tray inserts here.  

2. Use the 1" Supply Stackables to store your SMALLEST items 

The storage solution for all of your tiny pieces. These stackable units fit perfectly in our 12 1/4" totes. Available in four variations, pick the style that works best for your needs. 

3. Get Creative with Velcro    

Several of our furniture pieces feature a velcro wall. A great way to customize this space is to add your own velcro strips or tabs to the back of your supplies. 

Jeanette from Blyss Cookies uses the WorkBox 3.0 as a cookie decorating station. She added velcro tabs to her stencils and stores them on the velcro wall.

"We love the velcro wall on the door for organizing our stencils.  We were able to attach our clear protective sheets with adhesive velcro strips.  It has doubled our space for stencils and it's easy to sort through." - Jeanette, Blyss Cookies


4. Use the Law of Attraction     

The White Magnetic Board is an easy (and pretty!) way to store your metal dies. With different sizes available, this accessory works with the WorkBox, Modern MiniBox, Her HobbyBox and Ultimate SewingBox

5. Think Outside the Box 

If you're unsure of what to store in your swing door shelves, try using different plastic containers to better utilize the space. 

There are lots of different options. If you want to take it a step further, try color coding the pieces that you store in the containers. 

Looking for more ideas? Be sure to check out our accessories page where we offer even more great storage solutions! 

How have you taken your organization to the next level? 

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