Permission to Create

Permission to Create

Create Room Challenge: Day 3 

We're on the third day of the Create Room Challenge and already feeling the impact. 

First, we spent time recalling meaningful crafting experiences and reflecting on the positive emotions. Second, we took ownership of our daily to-do list and made time for ourselves.   

Today we are taking another powerful step towards more happiness and fulfillment! We challenge you to confront the inner critic and give yourself permission to pursue your creativity everyday—guilt free! 

To make it easy, we've created a permission slip PDF. Download it HERE.  

To complete this challenge (and be entered to win a DreamBox) hop over to today's post on Facebook or Instagram and tell us what you wrote. As a bonus entry, post a picture and use #CreateRoomChallenge and #RoomToCreate.  

It's not too late to join in the fun! Through June 28th, watch our feed for the daily #CreateRoomChallenge prompt. Every challenge you complete is an entry to win a DreamBox! Winner will be announced live on Facebook and Instagram on July 1st. 

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