Sewing Experts Weigh In

Sewing Experts Weigh In

One size does not fit all. We invited sewing enthusiasts (professionals and hobbyists) to test drive the DreamBox sewing suites. See which setup they were drawn to and why. 

The new Sew Station will be available for limited pre-order on 10/10/19. 

DreamBox & Side Tables 

Cori is an heirloom seamstress. She creates specialty clothing and pieces that will be treasured for generations. Her work requires advanced skills including handwork, embroidery and english smocking.

"Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated sewing room. This setup is perfect for a smaller space, with so much storage and organization."

DreamBox & DreamCart 

Alex uses her sewing skills to make clothes and home decor for her growing family. She shares her tips and DIY tutorials on YouTube to inspire others. Many of her projects involve both a sewing and cutting machine. 

“I love the DreamCart table space for cutting and the DreamBox table for machines. I like that I can move the DreamCart to the center of my room so the kids can gather round.”

DreamBox & Sew Station (available for pre-order 10/10/19) 

Heather worked at a tailor shop through college and fell in love with clothing construction. In 2017 she started her own business developing patterns and sewing kits. She is passionate about quality fabric and is currently working on a minimalist and handmade wardrobe. 

“I have never had such a phenomenal set up - with access to all three of my machines at once. The cutting table space feels like a dream.”

DreamBox, DreamCart & Sew Station (available for pre-order 10/10/19)

Johnny didn't make his first quilt until his thirties, but he was hooked pretty quickly.  He now works at a long arm machine manufacturing company and teaches quilting at retreats. He loves helping others discover a love of quilting the way he did. 

"I love all of the room to quilt, within an overall small space. I can really appreciate the storage - room for all of my supplies close at hand."

See the DreamBox Sewing Suites side by side comparison.

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