Sewing Room Organization Hacks

Sewing Room Organization Hacks

Wall Fabric and Scissors Holder 
We absolutely loved this one!  Cori at Hey Lets Make Stuff said, "I picked up this great wire and wood shelf. I think it’s originally designed to hang in an entryway, perhaps, to hold bags and keys and such. But I measured it and it was perfectly sized for folded fat quarters."  Cost: $80.  Source below.


Cactus Pin Cushion
Just an amazingly cute way to store you pins that you can't not LOVE!  Thanks to our friends at A Beautiful Mess for the amazing tutorial!  Source Below.

Magnetic Pin Dish
Amazing when you are pulling pins off a project and you can just toss them right in the bowl.  Cost: $6-$10  Source below.

Storing Your Spools 
Found this gem on Pinterest and you can see how to build it in the below list of sources.

Bobbin Care 
No more losing bobbins or leaving them in your drawer to get tangled.  Thanks to Monoa Road and toe separators they will be so organized!  Cost $1.  Source below.

Velcro Spool Holders 
Wonderful if you have a felt wall or a WorkBox to attach it to!  Our Spool Holder Has 32 pegs for holding spools or bobbins!  Cost: $9.95

The Ultimate SewingBox 
One of the amazing sewing work stations of our day! ;)  It gives you plenty of table space for all your machines.  It's the perfect sewing organizer and work station.


Wall Fabric and Scissors Holder: Hey Lets Make Stuff

Magnetic Pin Dish: Sarah Jane's Craft Blog

Storing Your Spools: Quilting Board

Cactus Pin Cushion: A Beautiful Mess

Bobbin Care: Monoa Road

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