Storage Space Comparison

Storage Space Comparison

We surveyed thousands of sewing enthusiasts and they all agree—ample storage space is an essential aspect of an optimal sewing setup. Ideally, all fabric, notions, and necessary tools are in one place. Not just any place, but within arm's reach. 

We designed the DreamBox to offer a massive amount of storage space that is both visible and accessible, so you'll never forget what you have or waste time searching. The DreamBox comes standard with 80 clear acrylic totes of various sizes to help you get ultra organized. The totes act as interchangeable drawers that can be transported to your workspace. 

Increase your storage space 

When the DreamBox is paired with one of our compliment products, storage space increases. Here is an overview of the total storage quantity of each pairing. 

See additional details of our favorite pairings for storage space below. 

DreamBox & NEW Sew Station 

The DreamBox and Sew Station pairing comes with a total of 88 totes, plus other sewing specific storage solutions. 

The new Sew Station with electric lifter effortlessly stores your machine. The spool holder addition stores up to 64 standard threads and 12 serger threads. 

DreamBox & DreamCart 

The DreamBox and DreamCart pairing comes with a total of 93 totes. The DreamCart storage shelves are movable, like the DreamBox. 

The DreamCart provides extra room for larger sewing materials like serger thread and fat quarters. Totes are interchangeable between furniture, so you can stock up your DreamCart with the necessary materials and move it anywhere in the house for a change of scenery. 

DreamBox, DreamCart & Sew Station

This combination provides the ultimate storage and organization solution with 101 totes to organize to your heart's content. 

With three separate stations for different crafting activities and ample space for multiple machines, you can make another trip to the craft store! 

See the full DreamBox Sewing Suites comparison chart.  

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