Table Space Comparison

Table Space Comparison

Table space is critical for all crafting, but for sewing in particular. We surveyed thousands of sewing enthusiasts and they confirmed—adequate table space is essential for cutting, ironing and sewing.  

We designed the DreamBox with a large and sturdy 3' x 3' table, but if you're like many seamstresses who can never have too much table space, we've got you covered. 

Increase your table space 

When the DreamBox is paired with one of our compliment products, table space increases. Here is an overview of the total table space of each pairing, with additional details below. 

DreamBox & Side Tables

Each Side Table adds 870 sq. inches of table space, for a total of 3,424 sq. inches of surrounded workspace.  

The Side Tables provide flexible table space—there when you need them, easily stowed away when you don't. The adjustable table legs allow them to work right alongside your DreamBox table in standing or sitting position. 


DreamBox & DreamCart 

The DreamCart pairs with the DreamBox to provide 3,666 sq. inches of continuous L shaped workspace.  


The DreamCart is a pop-up mobile craft station that can be easily folded down and tucked away when not in use. Crafters love the depth of DreamCart table, as it offers ample space for a sewing and cutting machine, as well as a place to iron. There is also an added bonus- the DreamCart also has 13 totes for extra storage.


DreamBox & NEW Sew Station 

The DreamBox and Sew Station pairing provides 3,940 total sq. inches of table space, with a cut out for your sewing machine.

The side and back table leaves are ideal for cutting table space and fabric support when sewing large items. There is even room for a 24"X36" cutting mat. Seamstresses love this set up as it allows them to swing back and forth between their serger and sewing machine.


DreamBox, DreamCart & Sew Station

This combination provides a dreamy U shaped workspace with 5,921 sq. inches of table space.  

Seamstresses call this the ultimate sewing suite. Ideal for large sewing projects, quilting and more. With three workstations there is and plenty of space to spread out. It doesn't get any better than this!



See the full DreamBox Sewing Suites comparison chart. 

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