The Perfect Sewing Suite

The Perfect Sewing Suite

What is the perfect sewing setup?

We surveyed thousands and invited sewing enthusiasts to test drive our products. Our research confirmed what we thought—one size does not fit all. A sewing setup is pretty personal, the activities affect the needs. Clothing construction, crafting and quilting all have specific requirements. And every home is different—some have dedicated craft spaces and others a small nook in the family room.  

While the ideal sewing setup is personal, there are three critical needs that were largely agreed upon:

1. Table space - enough to lay out large bolts of fabric, cut, and room for several sewing machines.

2. Storage space - sewing enthusiasts tend to have massive fabric libraries and do multiple crafts. Lots of storage space is critical to keep everything in one place.

3. An ergonomic layout - the ability to move back and forth easily between machines and have quick access to supplies and materials. This maximizes time for working and minimizes setup and cleanup time. 

The DreamBox is a powerhouse. We designed it with these three critical needs in mind. It has 80 totes of storage, 1,685 sq. inches of table space, and a wrap around design that keeps everything in reach. And it only gets better from there.

With one of our compliment products, table space grows, storage space increases, and you can create a U or L shaped workspace. 

The newest member of the family 

The Sew Station is ideal for seamstresses who prefer to sew with a recessed machine and love extra table space. Get ready, she'll be available for limited pre-order on 10/10/19. The first 50 will receive a free spool holder. 

Get a second opinion 

We invited sewing enthusiasts (professionals and hobbyists) to test drive the DreamBox sewing suite. See which setup they picked and why. 

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