The WorkBox in Under 60 Seconds!

The WorkBox in Under 60 Seconds!

Are you ready to see The WorkBox in under 60 seconds?
On your mark, get set, GO!


With over 14,000 comments on Facebook,
here are some of our favorites!

"THIS was my idea for TOY STORAGE for YOUNG FAMILIES and for HOME CHILD CARE PROVIDERS (for after the kids were done for the day), so that we could enjoy kids AND a beautiful home!"
- Karen S.

"Now it needs a murphy's bed added on for those late nights of crafting or when a guest stops by to stay the night."
Kirsten C. 

"I need one of these with shelving for homeschool stuff. My classroom would be so tidy. All teaching, curriculum, craft and school supplies in one spot w/doors to close when done!!"
Shylah W.

"LOVE this! I make lotions, body butters, lip balms etc. This would be a perfect setup to stay organized and keep things in one place. It is for sure in my future"
Michelle C. 

"Still drooling over these things. I love that when you close it up, it looks like a cute piece of furniture!"
- Lisa M. 

"It's literally giving me chills LOL"
- Jenni W. 

"It's It' beautiful" (crying face)
Amanda T. 

"Wow! What a wonder craft center!"
- Deborah R.

"I LOVE THIS!!!! Just think how much more stuff I could buy and have room for!?!"
- Laurie L.

"Totally awesome! Great idea!!"
Sandra M.

Kendra L. 

"That's so type A. It gives me anxiety. LOL"
- Kara C.

"I just lost my mind lololololol"
Amber C.

"Can you say....AWESOME!!"
Rhonda K.

"Craft heaven"
Lisa K. 

"I could put so much fishing gear in that!"
Troy E.

"I would sell a kidney for this!!"
Keri H.

"I've never seen something more perfect that could hold ALL craft stuff."
Alyssa A.

"What a clever idea."
- Geneva T.

"The Ultimate Craft Station"
- Lauren L.

"Mom is this not the most magical thing ever?!?!"
Mollie B.

- Rona T.

"If I had this, I could have my whole life in there."
Sonia C.

"Ok no doubt. That is what I want for Christmas. Hahaha!!! Do you think Santa will bring me one that is fully stocked with art supplies?"
- Naomi M. 

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By Kat Espinoza 

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