three ways to dress up your dreambox

three ways to dress up your dreambox

The DreamBox provides a framework to create your own personal haven—your creative retreat. Every DreamBox is unique because every creator is unique!

Your haven starts to take shape as you fill the DreamBox with your treasures, but it really comes to life when you allow your personality to shine through. Think about the colors, patterns or decor styles that make you feel truly happy and inspired. How might these be incorporated into your space? We pulled together a few ideas to get you started! 

picture credit: @ctmhtina

1. Add Wallpaper 

This is a simple way to make a BIG impact in the overall look of your DreamBox. Might we recommend this beautiful floral design by Esther Lau through Spoonflower. Shop HERE.

Ready to give it a try? We partnered with Spoonflower to bring you a step-by-step tutorial. Watch the video below or read the full tutorial HERE.

If you're looking for more wallpaper inspiration, take a look at this gallery of the top designs in the recent Spoonflower X DreamBox Design Challenge. 


2. Experiment with Decorative Tote Covers 

While some creators prefer to keep their InView totes clear and visible (we don't blame you), others like to decorate them to match their crafting space or add a little flair. The best part is that they are easily removable if you change your mind or want to try something new. See our tutorial and cut files HERE. 

Picture credit: @sparkleberryink

3. Color Coordinate 

This is a fun way to make your supplies really pop. Organizing by color can also improve your crafting efficiency by helping you quickly and easily locate what you need. 

Picture credit: @misterdomestic 

For even more inspiration on dressing up your DreamBox, head over to our Pinterest page or join the Create Room Family Facebook Group to see what other creators are doing!

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