three ways to use the tool cubby

three ways to use the tool cubby

The Tool Cubby is one of our most popular accessories—and for good reason. It may be mini, but it packs a real punch when it comes to keeping your tools organized. Like many Create Room pieces, it is customizable to fit your needs, complete with eight adjustable shelves. 

There are many ways to use the Tool Cubby in your craft room setup. We pulled together three of our favorites! 

1. In the DreamBox - a perfect fit!   

The Tool Cubby fits perfectly in the DreamBox, either vertically or horizontally. We see many creators use their Tool Cubby in this manner. 

Watch the video below to see how @sweetkawaiidesign uses the Tool Cubby to organize her pen collection in her DreamBox. 


2. On your tabletop  

The Tool Cubby can rest easily on any tabletop for quick access to your supplies. Can you really ever have enough of these little guys? 

Picture credit: @bydawnnicole

3. Customized for you  

Eight adjustable shelves make the Tool Cubby an excellent organizer for many smaller craft supplies, not just pens and markers. How would you use it?  

For even more inspiration, head over to our Pinterest page or join the Create Room Family Facebook Group to see what other creators are doing!

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