The Ultimate Comparison! Ultimate SewingBox vs. DreamBox

The Ultimate Comparison! Ultimate SewingBox vs. DreamBox

Wondering how the NEW DreamBox compares to the ever popular Ultimate SewingBox?

Learn all about what really makes the DreamBox so DREAMY, including:

  • Large crafting table 
  • New standing height option
  • Large swing doors
  • More large storage space for taller machines
  • New beautiful, modern exterior styles

Learn more about the Ultimate SewingBox and why it is still a best seller!

  • Over 2,500 square inches of table space
  • Sewing machine insert
  • Easy to access swing doors

At first, the differences may not appear so obvious. Read on for an in-depth comparison! 



You asked for more table space, and we listened! Regardless of your craft we understand that being able to have your tools within arms reach is important. We have specially designed our tables so that you can have your supplies at hand, and a clear work surface too! 

Craft With a Friend

The DreamBox offers an easy-to-access table space that is perfect for crafting with friends! Featuring a pull up table, with both the option to stand or sit! If your favorite pastime is to stand and craft, the DreamBox is the one for you! 

The Perfect Command Station

The Ultimate SewingBox offers a slide out desk with pull down side tables, making it the perfect getaway station as you craft. The Ultimate SewingBox also has the option to use a sewing machine insert for a seamless sewing surface! 



The swing doors for both the DreamBox and Ultimate SewingBox have revolutionized crafting, making it possible to always have your supplies and tools within reach. They both offer pockets that are perfect for storing paints, stamps, tapes, and more! Both offer hooks that are perfect for keeping your tools within arms reach. 

In Customization Heaven

Enjoy extra storage space and full customization capabilities in the DreamBox swing doors. If a fully customizable experience is important to you, the DreamBox can give you that. The DreamBox also comes with 16 of our new jars, designed to fit perfectly on the shelves of the swing doors! 

Ease of Access

Enjoy swing doors that are easily accessible even with your side tables down! If you like to have all of your supplies at your finger tips, you'll love the Ultimate SewingBox swing doors! 


Both the DreamBox and Ultimate SewingBox have been specially designed to feature larger spaces in the center box. Perfect for your larger items and machines! If you have machinery you currently aren't sure how to store, both are great options for you.


Both Boxes come with our beautiful, clear acrylic totes making your items easy to see and access! If you are tired of re-purchasing supplies, our Boxes are for you! 




Both the DreamBox and the Ultimate SewingBox have multiple exterior styles to choose from!
The Ultimate SewingBox is available in six elegant options including our classic White Ergo, Chocolate Knotty Alder, and a timeless Black Raised Panel exterior. 
The DreamBox is available in our new, modern exteriors. If you love finding the perfect furniture pieces to make your space glow, you'll love these new exteriors! 




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