We Asked. You Answered. Here are some of the best (and most hilarious) responses!

We Asked. You Answered. Here are some of the best (and most hilarious) responses!

Caption This Photo

We asked our Facebook community to "Caption This Photo." When the responses started rolling in, we decided we had to share some of our favorites! 

From Facebook:

  • "Husband's nightmare. He will not see me again." - Camelia D.
  • "A woman's version of 'The (wo)man cave'" - Colleen G.
  • "Christy please pick one...it’s on us!" ❤️👏 - Christy H. 
  • "And the fabric and thread and the paper and pens and the glitter and ribbons were all snug in their beds!!!!" - Kate B. L. 
  • "A Crafter's Disney World" - Autumn J. W. 
  • "My dream room. My Mommy cave." Myrna J.
  • "My ideal world." - Susan G. 
  • "I sold my kidney on the black market to finance this, and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT." - Chylde M.
  • "Be still my heart." - Susan E.
  • "How do you spell therapy? S. C. R. A. P. B. O. X."  - Karen F. 
  • "Oh look, floor. My husband says my craft room has one of those." - Amanda W. 
  • "Some dreams do come true!" - Stephanie P. 
  • “Welcome to my play... i mean work area” - Kirsten R. K. 
  • "This lady has a wonderful husband." - Linda S. 
  • "My scrappiest dreams come true!" 💜💜 - Christa C. H. 
  • "To dream the impossible dream!" - Heather R. 
  • "The ScrapBox Gallery - Heaven on earth." - Cookie P 
  • "Organized Happiness." - Allaina T. 
  • "Meanwhile at Cynthia's..." - Cynthia F. 
  • "Honey I’m hommmme!!!!!" - Teresa H. C. 
  • "Look how tidy my craft room is - said no-one ever!!!"  - Dawn S.

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From Instagram: 

  • "Welcome to the first cabinet meeting" @ryanjenniferdesigns
  • "And this is just the first room..... ;) " @bonnitadoodles
  • "This is my second craft room. What do you mean second? The first one is a mess so we started over. XD" @lostinalibro
  • "When Life drives you insane ... Head to the Psych ward AKA craft room for immediate treatment" @mytcr8tiv
  • "New diet, Crafting = Breakfast time, lunchtime and dinner" @sundowndesign
  • "Who said you can’t buy heaven? 😇" @tiltingtier

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