Co-Founder Yvonne Shares Mother's Day Message

Co-Founder Yvonne Shares Mother's Day Message


The best part about the DreamBox is the spark it gives to our creators. Our Co-Founder, Yvonne, loves watching the reactions of creators in our community as they see it for the first time. Take a look for yourself and hear what Yvonne has to say about what makes the DreamBox so special!

In honor of Mother's Day, Yvonne wanted to share a special message with you:

Dear Creators,

Like many of you, I have loved to craft my whole life. One of the things that inspired me was my mother. She loved to sew and I watched her sew many things for our family. When I had four children of my own, I carried on this tradition. I loved making them clothes and Halloween costumes, among other things. It brought me so much joy and created wonderful memories that I cherish. Now, I love to craft with my grandchildren! 

This Mother's Day, I want to thank all of you wonderful mothers and mother-figures. Your acts of love do not go unnoticed. I hope your day is filled with joy, and hopefully some uninterrupted craft time. 😉

Happy Mother's Day!


Yvonne Hubert
Create Room Co-Founder


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