Updated 4/05/2021

Due to COVID-19 our factory is experiencing shortages of plastic and other supplies. This is causing some delays in shipping. We appreciate your patience while we work closely with our suppliers and continue to ship orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Current expected shipping times:

Furniture (14 to 20 weeks depending on order specifics) Side Tables (14-16 weeks) Accessories (1-3 weeks) Separate shipments To allow our factory to keep moving as quickly as possible, some items in your order that have been affected by shortages may be delayed and shipped separately. These items may include InView Totes, Shelf Pegs, Acrylic Guards, Table Legs, Spool Holders. Please contact our customer service team with any questions customerservice@createroom.com.

How to prepare for your DreamBox delivery:

Watch for a tracking number. This will be emailed to you when your order leaves our factory. Please note that the ETA on your tracking number estimates your order’s arrival to the delivery hub, not your home.

Expect a phone call. After arrival, the delivery hub will call you to schedule a curbside delivery. If they are unable to contact you, you will be responsible for any storage fees incurred beyond their 2-day courtesy window.

Curbside delivery. Be prepared to break down your crate and bring your items inside of your home or garage. The freight company cannot bring it into your house.

Inspect the crate upon arrival. Check for any external damages and inspect the shock sticker. If it is activated, do not accept the delivery. Instead, take pictures and email them to us customerservice@createroom.com.

Lastly, don't forget to take a picture and post it on the Create Room Family Facebook Group! (www.Facebook.com/groups/ScrapBoxFamily)