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Open or close away your DreamBox in seconds. A room within a room.

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Crystal clear organization. Find what you need when you need it. No more double buying!

"Absolutely love my dreambox! I consolidated three disaster areas in my house into one organized space!" -Jennifer Smith
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A new way to craft — with everything in reach, from the comfort of your chair.

your space

Open or close away your DreamBox in seconds. A room within a room.

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the magic is in the details

  • Adjustable Table

    Sit, stand, or set your table at drafting height. It's your call.

  • Crown Light

    Brighten up your workspace with natural LED lighting. Craft day or night.

  • Side Tables

    Triple the size of your workspace for extra creativity.

what comes
in the box
standard with your DreamBox orders

Product Image
78 or 40 DiviDrawers perfectly sized for all craft supplies and tools. Opaque and clear.
12 hooks to keep your tools within reach. 4 rods are ideal for washi tape and ribbon.
jars/Acrylic guards
6 jars with acrylic guards to keep small essential items close and in view.
Easily adjust and customize your setup. Enjoy easier-than-ever DreamBox customization.


All types! We've written various blog posts about how the DreamBox works for Paper Crafts, Quilts, Vinyl, and Sewing.

Check out our blog post here to learn more about different layouts!

The DreamBox can hold up to 1200lbs in supplies!

While many of our creators have chosen to use their DreamBox on carpet, we recommend using it on a hard surface. This lets the wheels to roll more easily, allowing the DreamBox to be opened and closed.