Safety Information

At The Original ScrapBox we value safety and security in your home. For this reason we have put together a ScrapBox Security Kit to prevent furniture from tipping. If you have purchased our furniture and would like to receive a free Security Kit, please contact us at (801) 226-2686. 

You can review our Security Kit instructions here

WARNING: Serious or fatal crushing injuries can occur from tipping furniture. To best way to  prevent tip-over, please review these guidelines for our furniture:

  1. MOBILE UNIT: CLOSE CABINET WHEN MOVING FURNITURE—  side cabinets add stability. Moving the unit while in the OPEN position, adds risk of the cabinet tipping over. Be sure to have two people to help during assembly.
    Serious or fatal injuries can occur from tipping furniture. 
    Always use caution when positioning.

  2. WHEN CABINET IS IN USE, PLEASE EXTEND ALL TABLE LEGS— For cabinet to function properly all tables and table legs must be installed and table legs must be extended. Our cabinets are designed to be operated with hideaway tables and folding legs to provide a strong and stable platform.
    Extending center box table legs will reduce potential hazard. 
    Using our cabinets without the tables or legs properly installed and extended will increase the risk of the cabinet tipping over. 

  3. AVOID TOP STORAGE— Please refrain from storing your items on top of the crown accessory— it is not designed for storage use. 
    Storing items on top of crown may increase the risks of tipping furniture. 

  4. CHECK FOR LEVEL FLOORSPACE— our cabinets works best on level hardwood-like flooring.  Carpet may cause the wheels to catch or drag while in motion.  
    Please use caution moving the cabinet in conditions where flooring may affect the movement of the piece— move unit when all doors are CLOSED.

  5. ADDITIONAL SAFETY MEASURES— For any concerns relating to the safety of our cabinets, please inquire with our team for additional products and information to keep your home secure. Please see warning stickers provided on packaging and cabinet parts. Safety kits provided with furniture include additional instruction.
    We strive for quality and excellence, and it is our desire to provide our customers with a safe and enjoyable experience when using our products.

For a digital copy of our product warning, please click here


Updated: August 18th 2017