rediscover crafting joy.
Without the worry of clutter.
Take back your craft room with a new way of organization.
Create Room Stories
Why we made the DreamBox.
The last time you'll need to reorganize
Gather all your crafting supplies into a a single area to get started.
In Sight, In Mind
With our Tote & Track system, you’ll never misplace something. Everything is easily seen from the comfort of your desk.
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In Reach, In Seconds
No more digging around storage containers to find your supplies. We’re commited to keep everything within arm’s reach.
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A workspace dedicated to you
Whether you need adjustable height or collapsible sides, our furniture provides you with a workspace ideal for crafting.
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there's more to organization
than storage.

Customizeable with additional accessories
Gather all your crafting supplies into a a single area to get started.
  • Crafters Caddy

    Crafter's Caddy

    Fight off clutter with our side cup holder and wastebasket

  • Cutting Mat

    Cutting Mat

    Protect your desk space with our self-healing cutting mat

  • Diffuser


    The perfect way to enhance your creative senses

  • Paper Organizer

    Paper Organizer

    The perfect fit for all your paper and vinyl supplies

  • Side Tables

    Side Tables

    Triple the size of your workspace for extra creativity

Easily tucked away and ready for you anytime.
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