4 local ladies rise to the challenge - How many masks can you make today?

4 local ladies rise to the challenge - How many masks can you make today?

Last week, we learned of an urgent need for masks in our community. A doctor friend reached out to say they needed masks quickly for medical personnel on the front lines. The masks are for themselves and their families when they are out in public, not for working at the hospital. They want to be as cautious as possible as they are exposed to Covid-19 everyday. The supply of clinical masks needs to be saved for the hospitals.

We immediately reached out to a local group of DreamBox owners, women who have been intimately involved in the development of some of our new products. We asked them- How many masks can you make today? The response was incredible. Our small group produced 225 masks. 

The Ladies Who Made It Happen  

Jill Hatch got right to work. Her daughter jumped in as well.

“When this opportunity came to me, it was like an answer to my prayers. I was feeling so helpless and somewhat anxious about the state of the world. I wanted to be a part of something that made a difference. My daughter had just returned from Mexico and needed to be in quarantine. She jumped in to help. We had a mask making party. We made 81! When I posted our project on FaceBook, two college roommates asked for masks. They were so grateful I was able to share. They have some immunocompromised family members. Mask making helped me to not think about my personal plight.”

Anne Burgess helped too.

"I just felt so helpless watching this pandemic consume our lives. This was a good way to help. However small it may be."

Alex, of My Sew Bliss, worked late into the night. She aided others by sharing her supplies. Her t-shirt says it all. Life is hard. Sewing is easy.

Our founder, Yvonne, made 90 masks!

The Grateful Recipients 

Dr Amy Locke and her family say thank you!!! Her staff and family are now well supplied with homemade masks.

Our community has reported to have made over 14,000 masks in just seven days! Help us reach our goal of 20,000 masks. Post a picture with #CreateRoomForGood and tell us how many masks you have made.

Use our four step guide to get useful masks to those in need. 

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