the create room

We are life-long crafters and passionate innovators. With over 16 years of experience in a unique cross-section of organization, storage design, and workspace design, we've canonized this method and developed products based on the best practices we've seen. The Create Room Journey will guide you to experience more peace, joy, energy, renewal, growth, and connection through creativity.

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step 1: discover your creative purpose

Do you create for calm? For energy? Or maybe to connect with others? Start the Create Room Journey to identify why creating is so critical for you and discover your creative personality.

step 2: identify barriers

Are your craft supplies buried in deep bins? Or perhaps you lack a dedicated place to create? Let's get clear on what's holding you back

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step 3: c.r.e.a.t.e. goals

Learn tips to remove your specific barriers. Then use our proven CREATE method to write goals you will achieve. Success is easier than you think!

step 4: get organized

Craft supply chaos is most often the biggest block to creating more. Here's your guide to getting organized - once and for all.

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step 5: create room everyday

It's time to celebrate and share your success. Follow our daily and weekly tips to maintain your new found crafting joy!