Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Free or Discounted Shipping on Furniture Orders

We're delighted to offer free or discounted shipping within the contiguous USA. Shipping costs depend on destination and on order contents, typically ranging from $250-$600+. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Storing Your Order

Upon request, we can store your order at no extra charge up to the latest estimated shipping date given at the time of order, or for 60 days past the order date if no estimate was given. Should you need longer storage, a fee of $50 per month will be applied. We thank you for understanding that sometimes production delays happen. If that happens with your order, don’t worry, we will work with you to determine a suitable shipment date if necessary, and without additional charges to you.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not entirely happy with your Create Room furniture, we offer a refund (excluding shipping costs and the 10% restocking fee) within 30 days of getting your order. We do not take back items that have been assembled, damaged, or are not in their original packaging. To arrange a return, simply contact us.


Orders can be canceled within 72 hours for a full refund. Cancellation requests after this period may incur a cancellation fee of $100 for furniture or 10% fee for accessories.

Order Modifications

Orders can be altered/changed up to 72 hours after purchase. For any furniture order modifications after 72 hours, a fee of $25 will be applied if the order has not yet entered production. However, if the order is already scheduled for production, a $100 fee will apply, or changes may not be possible.

For any accessory orders, a 10% fee will apply. Should you wish to modify your order, we encourage making any changes within the initial 72-hour window to avoid these fees.

Once your order has shipped from our factory, we are unable to accommodate changes or cancellations. If you'd like to add accessories or explore more options, please consider placing a separate order or speak with our friendly customer service team for the best solutions to meet your needs.

For Mini Bolt returns, please reach out to

Shipping/Delivery Dates

Shipping dates listed on product pages and in your order confirmation are estimates. Actual delivery times may vary due to carrier, weather, and shipping method. Please talk directly to the shipping company's local office to set up delivery times.

If you wish to pick up your order directly from our factory or distribution center, you may be eligible for up to a $100 discount as well as reducing your wait time. If interested, please ask!

Let us know right away if your address is a business, church, school, or construction site. Additional coordination or fees may be required. You must take care of arranging and paying for any freight forwarding, including handling all of the paperwork. Shipping of our products or replacement parts is not currently available outside of Canada and the United States. Please contact our agents for the latest information on supported geographic areas.


We’re grateful for the service of all our military customers. Please check with us for possible discounts and to verify that we can deliver to your location. Some military bases and APO / FP addresses aren’t within our delivery scope.

For all other shipping questions, please contact our customer service team.

IMPORTANT: Address changes or order modifications after shipping will incur additional charges.

Delivery Process

To make sure your freighted furniture gets to you smoothly, including a DreamBox or a SewStation, someone must be available within the shipping window. If your schedule conflicts with the delivery timeframe, reach out to our Customer Service team. They can help you find other ways to receive your freight and avoid possible fees from the carrier or shipper. Please make sure someone is available to receive your LTL shipment. If an appointment time is made and someone is not there to receive your shipment, the shipping company will charge at least an additional $105 to your order. Or, our team can help postpone your order to a more convenient time, while still honoring reserved sale prices. We need your help to deliver your order fast and on time!

At delivery you will need to sign for your freight order. Inspect the shipment with the delivery driver for any visible damage. Please take photos and contact customer service right away if needed. If the delivery center can't contact you, you might have to pay extra storage fees if more than two days pass. Answer and don’t block unrecognized numbers, check your messages, and check your email to make sure the delivery arrangements can happen as quickly as possible.

Our parcel orders will be delivered to the location that parcel carriers (like FedEx or UPS) typically use. As appropriate we may also utilize the US Postal Service. Please ensure the delivery location is secure, observed, and consistently checked. The shipper and the carrier are not liable for theft at the destination.

IMPORTANT: Freight companies offer CURBSIDE delivery only, unless Garage Delivery was purchased. If the shipping company can't deliver to your garage, you can ask us to refund the cost of this service. Replacement parts won’t be shipped with Garage Delivery. Please inform us before shipping if access for an 18-wheeler might be challenging due to environmental factors. In such cases, you may need to coordinate with us for alternatives or arrange pickup from the distribution hub. 

Last Updated: 5/8/24

curbside delivery
Larger furniture pieces
Your DreamBox is hand-built in our USA factory. When ready, it will first ship to a delivery hub near you. We’ll email you a tracking number, in case you want to follow the journey to the hub.
Once your DreamBox arrives at the delivery hub, they will call you to schedule a delivery within 2-3 business days.
Your box will be delivered curbside. That’s fancy for "the delivery guy won’t bring it inside your house." So make sure you have a friend or two on hand to help out.

Delivery Dates

Delivery dates located on the product pages and in your order are only estimates. 

**IMPORTANT: If there is an address change after the order ships, there will be an additional charge added on to your order.

Process of Delivery

  When your order is delivered you will be required to sign for it.  Please briefly inspect the shipment with the driver to see if there is any extensive damage and take a picture and contact customer service .  If the delivery hub is unable to contact you, you will be responsible for any storage fees incurred beyond their two-day courtesy window.

**IMPORTANT: The freight companies CANNOT take your DELIVERY into your house. All deliveries are CURBSIDE only. Special accommodations for your shipment may be worked out between you and the freight company. Please call us before shipping if you live on a street that an 18 wheeler truck may have a hard time getting to as delivery may not be possible to your curb. For example low hanging power lines, tree branches, not a through street, etc.


Once you receive your tracking number and depending on your location, your order will take up to 7-14 business days to be delivered. If your order hasn't shipped you can use the web chat in the bottom right to find out when your order should arrive.

You will receive an e-mail with your tracking number when it ships from our warehouse.  

Yes, up to a 1 year manufacturer's warranty from time of purchase of the DreamBox. Subject to material and/or shipping charges for replacement parts, if damages are outside of our manufacturer warranty.

Accept your shipment and briefly inspect the shipment with the driver to see if there is any extensive damage and take a picture to send to  If you have any damaged parts in shipping it will be faster to send you parts instead of replacing your order completely.  You can go here to fill out any damaged parts.

Please contact customers service to let them know dates if they conflict with your shipping dates. If there is an address change after the order ships, there will be an additional charge added on to your order.

Feel free to contact us through this form

You can also get your questions answered by asking our DreamBot by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

If you have any damaged parts in shipping it will be faster to send you parts instead of replacing your order completely.  You can go here to fill out any damaged parts.

Free or discounted Shipping for DreamBox Orders* Your shipping costs are determined by where you are located, what you have ordered, and can vary anywhere from $200-$600+, but we are offering free or discounted shipping in the *contiguous USA. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

We are always looking for distributors. If you or someone you know has information on possible distribution outlets, please go here

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