Warranty & Safety

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones 

At Create Room, we are confident in the quality of our products. Review details of our Limited Warranty Program below. 

We are also committed to helping you enjoy safety and security in your home while using Create Room products. WARNING: Serious or fatal crushing injuries can occur from tipping furniture. To prevent tip-over, please review and follow ALL safety guidelines below and always heed warning stickers provided on packaging and cabinet parts.

For any concerns relating to the safety of our cabinets, please inquire with our team for additional products and information to keep your home secure. For a digital copy of our product warning, please click here

Email: customerservice@createroom.com

Phone: (801) 226-2686

keep your home safe and secure

Safety Information

Wall Attachment

WARNING: Serious or fatal crushing injuries can occur from tipping furniture.

It is advised that ALL free-standing, heavy furniture be anchored to your wall to prevent tipping accidents caused by an earthquake, curious children, or another incident.

DreamBox 2: Two heavy-duty Safety Brackets with attachment hardware and installation instructions are included. If for whatever reason you have not received this with your DreamBox 2, reach out to our customer service team before beginning assembly at (801) 226-2686. Pilot holes have been pre-drilled on the top of the DreamBox 2 Center Box. Safety Brackets MUST be attached for safety. When applying the brackets to the wall, locate a stud using a stud finder tool and install using the provided hardware.

All other Create Room Furniture: At Create Room we value safety and security in your home. For this reason we have put together a Create Room Security Kit to prevent furniture from tipping. If you have purchased our furniture in the past and did not receive a Security Kit, please contact us at (801) 226-2686 and we will send one to you free of charge. Review our Security Kit instructions here

The DreamBox 1 is also compatible with the new Safety Bracket Kit.


MOBILE UNIT: CLOSE CABINET WHEN MOVING FURNITURE—Side cabinets add stability. Moving the unit while in the OPEN position, adds risk of the cabinet tipping over. Be sure to have two people to help during assembly.

WARNING: Serious or fatal injuries can occur from tipping furniture. Always use caution when positioning.

Proper Use


DreamBox 1, WorkBox, HerHobbyBox: When cabinet is in use, please extend table legs. All tables and table legs must be installed and table legs must be extended. These cabinets are designed to be operated with hideaway tables and folding legs to provide a strong and stable platform. Extending center box table legs will reduce potential hazard. Using these cabinets without the tables or legs properly installed and extended will increase the risk of the cabinet tipping over. 

DreamBox 2: This product was designed without table legs. Proper use requires that the Base Stabilizers MUST be attached to the Center Box Base until the unit has been attached to the wall using the included Safety Brackets. The weight limit guidelines for the DreamBox 2 table are 50 lbs. Fold table away when not in use. 

Weight Distribution

Be aware of weight distribution. Add heavy items to the bottom of the Center Box and Side Boxes.

Please refrain from storing items on top of the Crown Accessory— it is not designed for storage use. Storing items on top of crown may increase the risks of tipping furniture.

Level Floorspace

Create Room cabinets works best on level hardwood-like flooring. Carpet may cause the wheels to catch or drag while in motion. Please use caution moving the cabinet in conditions where flooring may affect the movement of the piece— move unit when all doors are CLOSED.

Warning Stickers

Please see warning stickers provided on packaging and cabinet parts. Safety kits provided with furniture include additional instruction.

Kids + Pets

Kids and pets should never use Create Room furniture unaccompanied. Never let ANYONE hang, climb or sit on Create Room furniture.

When assembling Create Room furniture, please keep kids and pets out of the building zone until all building materials have been cleared and furniture has been attached to the wall with Safety Brackets. There are many hazards they may encounter.

Additional Information

Additional safety information is included in the individual instruction sets. Please read carefully and follow all instructions.

Safety Brackets

It is advised that ALL free-standing, heavy furniture be anchored to your wall to prevent tipping accidents.

The DreamBox 2 Center Box Lid has pre-drilled pilot holes and two heavy-duty Safety Brackets with attachment hardware have been provided. These must be utilized for safety. Installation instructions included.


Four custom-designed base Stabilizers are provided with the DreamBox 2 package. They slide onto the Center Box and Side Box bases to prevent unwanted rolling and provide additional stability support. These must be attached during assembly for safety and can be removed, if desired, after securing the DreamBox to the wall with the provided Safety Brackets.  

limited warranty program

Warranty Policies

24 Month Warranty

CreateRoom™ will replace your merchandise against manufacturer defects for up to two years.

Our warranty starts from the time your product is delivered, with the aim to provide you a seamless and satisfying experience. We kindly request you to inspect the product upon arrival to ensure it's in perfect condition and complete. (Not including dings and chips that could have been cause during assembly process)

We offer a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty. However, our warranty does not cover shipping damage or missing items not reported within the initial 30-day period, installation errors, or any issues reported without photographic evidence.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and trust in our products. Please note that our warranty policy aims to ensure that you receive high-quality products, free from manufacturing errors.

24 Month Warranty includes:

-DreamBox 1, DreamBox 2, Side Tables, Sew Station (Excluding Lifter), DreamCart . (If purchased after September 2018)

Warranty Exclusions

The limited 24 month warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or products that have been abused, misused, altered, water damaged, weather worn, or cleaned with wrong cleaning procedures or products.

Misuse of the DreamBox 2 includes not following table weight limit guidelines of no more than 50 lbs and not attaching to the wall with Safety Brackets as instructed.

Any products shipped out of the United States or Canada by customers will not be covered by the warranty. Any damages, parts issues, or missing items will need to be shipped at the customer's expense.

Care Instructions

To clean all furniture, use Windex and a soft cloth to wipe away dirt and fingerprints.