2 DreamBox Swing Door Shelves

Personalize your setup with extra shelf space

6 DreamBox Jars

Store your small, essential items close at hand

6 DreamBox Rods

A simpler way to display your washi tape & ribbons

6 DreamBox Shelves

Optimize your setup with our roomy DreamBox Shelves

8 Shallow InView™ Totes

A convenient home for your favorite papers and vinyl sheets

Aromatherapy Kit

The complete therapeutic kit for your creative sessions

Crafter's Caddy

Fight off clutter with our side cup holder and wastebasket

Cutting Mat

Protect your desk space with our self-healing cutting mat


The perfect way to enhance your creative senses

DreamBox Crown With Light

Elevate your look and increase focus with our LED crown light

DreamBox Drawers

A dedicated space for your most essential items

Essential Oils

Set your intention and craft with these aromatic essential oils

InView™ Tote Lid

Easily secure, stack, and transport your items

Large DiviDrawer

Divide your drawer space in a variety of storage options

Large InView™ Tote

Streamline your organization with crystal-clear visibility

Medium DiviDrawer

Stack and customize for optimum organization

Medium InView™ Tote

Keep an eye on your supplies with clear organization

Necessities Kit

Take creativity to the next level with these must-have accessories

Paper Organizer

The perfect fit for all your paper and vinyl supplies


A creator’s guide to inviting joy and inspiration into every day

Plastic Notions Tray Inserts 5-Pack

Organization for your favorite beads and embellishments

Power Package

Integrated technology for the ultimate crafting experience
$159.00 $189.00

Power Strip

Keep machines easily in reach with our custom power outlet

Security Kit

Secure your DreamBox to the wall for peace of mind

Side Tables

Triple the size of your workspace for extra creativity

Small InView™ Tote

Give your small tools and supplies a perfect home


Liven up your creative space with our luxury Bluetooth speakers

Tablet Holder

View your tablet or phone from the perfect vantage point

Tool Cubby

Organize your favorite writing and sketching supplies


Free up space in your DreamBox and customize with ease

Wallpaper Set

Customize your DreamBox and inspire your next project

White Magnetic Board

Keep track of your metal dies without the excess clutter

X-Large DiviDrawer

Stores your heavy and bulky items all in one place