12 spooky decor ideas from our 2021 halloween competition

12 spooky decor ideas from our 2021 halloween competition

The results are in! This October, we asked our creators to submit the creepiest, most creative Halloween decorations on the block. The stakes were certainly  set high with a chance to win their very own organization starter kit from Create Room. Now that the competition has drawn to a close, we've enjoyed going through all the festive entries. Take a look at some of our favorite submissions and tips:


The Spookiest Craft Stations




Our Favorite Pumpkin Pals


Photo by Maureen White


 Photo by Rodrigues Flavia


Decor Tips From Our FaBOOlous Creators


"Measure twice, cut once! Always measure your space so you know how much you've got to work with. Bigger pieces occupying the space will look better than just a few small pieces leaving large blank spaces." - Chrissy Starkey

Photo by Chrissy Starkey


"Get your orange and black on with cobwebs and spooky spiders. I didn't want to block my cubbies/drawers so just hung them around the top and edges! How fun!" - Laura Odenthal


"Place an old travel make-up case on top of the DreamBox to hold seasonal decorations, shifting between fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving." - Renee Van Hoy


"I save old greeting cards to get inspiration and frame them with $1 frames to hang around my craft area. You would be surprised how different a greeting card looks in a frame, it has created many conversations." - Ann Brecht-Castle


"I like my Halloween decorating to be fun, slightly spooky and always able to make both myself and kids smile. My decorating tip is to always do it for your smile!" - Beth Bailey


"Ohhhh the possibilities, I would randomly put some of my crocheted 🎃(pumpkins) around. I would chalk some stencils on the doors, I would place a few of my chalked wooden shapes- pumpkins, houses, and leaves around, and there would still be so much room for all my craft supplies to be stored all in one place.💖" - Tracy Sullivan


"Use fishing line and black paper to create flying bats that you can hang from your ceiling!"- Amangelin Diore Jalbuena


"I love wrapping strands of fall leaves and berries around the backs of benches and railings, and placing ceramic pumpkins on the bookshelf." - Shelby Alston


What do you think of these spooktacular decorations and tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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