3 new accessories to jumpstart your creativity

3 new accessories to jumpstart your creativity

At Create Room, we believe each of us is born to create. We all have an innate desire to add our own unique touch to the world through the things we create and our actions. The new Create Room Planner, Essential Oils, and Diffuser launching on 11/19 were designed as the perfect companions to help you be more intentional with your time and create room for more joy, calm, energy, renewal, growth, connection, and expression. 



Together, these products will accompany you on your journey as you grow and create. Learn more about each of these products below:


Create Room Planner



This planner will serve as a foundation on which you will create a life that you love. Fill your daily routine with joy and renewal by creating a vision that you can work towards achieving. Each of the sections in this planner will give you ample room to create goals, finish projects, and reflect on all the progress you have made towards accomplishing your life vision. Shop the Planner Here!


Create Room Essential Oils



To help you be more mindful of your creative intentions, you can diffuse our uniquely blended essential oils. These oils will help you to be more intentional with your creative time so you can focus on the meaning behind why you create. Shop Our Essential Oils Here!


Create Room Diffuser



Ease away the stress and chaos of your day with help from the Create Room Diffuser. Specifically made for crafters by crafters, this quiet and powerful diffuser will be the perfect companion as you create and go about your everyday life. Shop The Diffuser Here!


*These products officially launch on 11/19 and will be included as a free gift for the first 1,000 DreamBox purchases made during our Black Friday Sale.


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