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4 steps to define your creative purpose
, Ashley Puriri

Your creative purpose is what drives you to create—your very reason for doing it.

We asked thousands of makers why they create. See some of the responses below (and join the ScrapBox Family Facebook Group to be part of conversations like this).  

We've outlined steps below to help you authentically answer this question for yourself. But first, let's talk about why it is critical.  

Knowing your creative purpose is important. Here's why. 

Knowledge is power. You can be more intentional with your time and choose to do things you know will bring more happiness and fulfillment, while choosing not to do other things that don’t align with your values.

Knowledge brings commitment. When things get busy, your creative time is less likely to fall to the wayside because you understand the meaning and fulfillment it brings to your life.

Knowledge fosters community. When you know what’s important to you and why, you will attract others who think like you. Connecting with a like-minded community can bring even more meaning to your work. 

4 simple steps to help you define your own creative purpose.

  1. Take a few minutes and write out a list of reasons why you create. Recall some specific crafting experiences that have brought you the most joy and meaning. You may discover some unifying themes.
  2. Read over your list and circle the ones that pop out as the most true and authentic answers.
  3. From this circled list, try to narrow it down to 2-3. Cross off any that don’t seem quite as important.
  4. Put this short list in order of importance. Number one is your core creative purpose and should be the answer that feels most true for you.

Defining your creative purpose is the first step to experiencing more crafting joy. Follow along with us tomorrow (11/12) for step two: Identifying barriers to creativity. 

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24 thoughts on “4 steps to define your creative purpose

  1. avatar Lisa Haleem says:

    I create because it gets me relaxed and stops me from being bored all the time. I create because I don’t like spending money on gifts when they are going to return them anyways if they don’t like them.

  2. avatar Christine Meadows says:

    My crafting time is my time to get lost in what ever I’m working on. And that is usually after every one else is in bed. I some times get so obsorbed in it that I don’t realize that half the night is gone. My next project is going to be some Christmas wreaths. My son and painted our house this summer and excited to decorate it for Christmas. Keep crafting

  3. avatar Yvonne Torburn-Clark says:

    I love art. Every bodies art. I love color and all the ways you can use it. I love using a bunch of different mediums, Paint, Clay, especially Beads and all their forms and colors. If I’m not trying to make something, I’ll sit and separate beads. I’ve revamped 1950’s style jewelry boxes with beautiful fabric, just to get my hands involved with the fabric and all the colors. I’ve covered goose eggs just to use clay and get my hands on color. Eye candy, to me, is looking at something colorful that lights up without plugging it in. One of the first wildfires in California, in 2015, took all my art supplies and bead collection, and fabric collection and all the art supplies I had inherited from my mother. Gone. After years of collecting beads, and fabrics and, well, I had it all. Now my new bead collection is actually getting out of hand. It’s all getting out of hand. I had gotten this really cool candy rack from a gas station owner, he was updating his station. I asked if I could have the candy rack out front, he asked what do you want it for, I smiled big time. My Beads! It works great! But I’m starting to overflow it. Time to upgrade.

  4. avatar Cindy Hinkel says:

    I craft and sew a lot! It gives me great joy to create a unique item and share with those I love so dearly. They inspire me to learn new skills so that no two gifts are ever alike. I am continually challenged to learn a new skill or technique with each creative piece I make. Designing out of Love and creating by bringing light and color into our lives.

  5. avatar Patricia Lepore says:

    I create to keep me sharp. I create to see the joy on the receivers joy. I create to help others, create. I create to give fir fundraisers.

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