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4 ways the dreambox helps small business owners
, Olivia Nickerson

Here at Create Room we are always looking for ways to support our creative community in their goals and dreams. If you've been thinking about turning your love of creating into a business, you are in the right place. 

We asked Katie Sabin (creator behind Just Add Sunshine) to share her tips for achieving small business success, plus some insights on how the DreamBox can help. 



Running a small business is not just another 9-5 job—it becomes a major part of your life! But, just like all things in life, finding a balance is so important for health and sustainability. 

Like many of us, Katie balances many different roles. Outside of being a business owner, she is a mom, a fitness instructor, and volunteer for her Church. The DreamBox has helped her maintain balance by containing all the tools, supplies, and inventory she needs for her business in one dedicated place, instead of scattered all over the house.

“The DreamBox has given me a dedicated space to organize my supplies and tools, in such a way that helps me effectively use my time when it is time to work. The DreamBox allows me to focus my efforts on producing high quality products and to stay organized and able to fulfill orders in a clutter free and efficient way.” -Katie



A lot of supplies go into running a small business, and if you feel like you are constantly misplacing those small yet crucial tools, know you are not alone. Another way the DreamBox can help you as a small business owner is by maximizing your time and space. 

Katie has found that a little organization goes a long way when it comes to efficiency. One of her favorite DreamBox accessories from Create Room is the Paper Organizer

“The Paper Organizer [is] amazing [at] helping me keep my scrapbook paper organized (in rainbow order of course!) and close at hand.” -Katie

With Create Room accessories, you no longer have to search for misplaced items, you can have them right where you need them, when you need them. 



It can be easy to get distracted, tired or frustrated if you can’t find what you need, or are working in an overly cramped and inefficient place. The DreamBox will help you keep your rhythm when you sit down and are ready to get things done, even if your space is small.

“The DreamBox is compact, but designed in such a way that it allows me to store and organize my work to maximize my productivity in a small space.” -Katie 

The DreamBox’s design allows you to have a dedicated space for every aspect of your small business. The middle section, left section, and right section can be designated to production, packaging and shipping. Instead of having to pack things up or move things out of the way when you’re ready to transition, you can just have it all right there in view and ready to be used. 

Click here to see how other small business owners have designed their DreamBox layout and design your own! 



Starting up a small business is a big leap of faith and can be vulnerable at times. We know the DreamBox is also a big decision, but we promise it is so worth it.  You’re investing a lot in yourself, and the DreamBox is here to help you succeed. The amount of time and space you can save with it alone makes the DreamBox a dream come true. Create an inspiring workspace with the DreamBox, so you can keep creating inspiring things for others. 

 "I use my DreamBox any time I am working! I love that everything is close at hand and easily accessible!” -Katie





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